About Us

Welcome to Beaconix, where brilliance meets innovation in the world of flashlights. Born out of the collective passion of flashlight enthusiasts in Delaware, USA, in 2017.

Beaconix is not just a brand - it's a commitment to providing the most effective and powerful solutions at the best price.


- High ROI: Get the most out of your investment with Beaconix. Our flashlights are designed to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring a high return on your investment.

- Favorable Price for Customers: We believe in making quality accessible. Beaconix offers a favorable price point without compromising on the excellence of our products.

- iUltraBeam™LED Technology: Experience the cutting-edge with our exclusive iUltraBeam™LED Technology. Illuminate your path with a new generation of powerful beams that redefine the standard for portable lighting.

- Maximum Battery Capacity Included: Never be left in the dark. Beaconix flashlights come equipped with maximum battery capacity, ensuring long-lasting illumination when you need it the most.

- Smart Modes of Operation: Our flashlights boast intuitive and convenient smart modes of operation, adapting to your needs effortlessly.

- Shipping to 127 Countries: Wherever you are, Beaconix can reach you. We offer shipping to 127 countries, ensuring that our powerful solutions can brighten up every corner of the globe.

- Promotional Materials: Elevate your advertising game with our exclusive promotional materials. Whether online or offline, Beaconix provides the tools you need to shine in the market.

- Wholesale Orders from 100pcs: Looking to stock up? Beaconix welcomes wholesale orders starting from 100pcs, making it easier for businesses to light up their inventory.

- Free LED Stand for BEACONIX Advertisement: As a bonus, we offer a free LED stand to enhance your Beaconix advertisement. Let your brand shine bright with our powerful and portable lights.

At Beaconix, we're not just illuminating spaces - we're lighting up a new era of flashlight technology.

Join us on this journey where powerful beams meet affordability, and where iUltraBeam™ Technology sets the standard for the next generation of flashlights.

Illuminate your path with Beaconix—because every step deserves the perfect light.

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